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Angel's FAQ's as of 10/01/2008:
Angel is a NINJA! :neenjah:

“Is it hard to work on the comic while in college?”

Answer: It all depends on timing, the reason I started the comic was because I was bored one day even though in college and having a college work load. But like any other college student, projects, papers, tests and quizzes can interfere but SHOULD be put first before your comic. Don't think “Ohhh I need to update this week but there's this 60 page paper I need to finish in the next 36 hours…I'll draw the comic!” Not the best plan…

“How did you make your own website?”

Answer: Comicgenesis, Drunkduck and other websites allow you to have your own website and if you know how to work html or CSS coding, let you do whatever you want to the website. On comicgenesis, I provided Lady (ladyleamarie) with all the nitty gritty pictures, buttons and info but she took the web designing and put it all together for me. She knows the coding and the wood work of html format. I know a teeeeeeeny bit, but not much :D.

“I'm starting out as a comic artist and people aren't looking at my comic, how do you get people to know you exist?”

Answer: Simple. Have a good web designer who searches for all the webcomic lists on the internet and sticks us on there.
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“Should I start drawing my comic first or should I do things like profile images and making sure the website is up and running?”

Answer: That always depends too, I think it is a better idea to have all the little things (like the website working and your character pages) before posting the comic. That does not necessarily mean that you can't have the comic DRAWN before you get all those profiles and websites up, but when you know the website's going to work, it'll be a lot easier for people to look at your comic :D.

“Who are your best models for figures?”
Answer: Well I didn't get really good with the shape of the figure until after taking a specific figure drawing course here at my college. But looking for poses and to practice off of pictures, I look for dancers. Usually they're not super muscular or super lean and they are in positions that are harder to draw. Personally, I try to do the hard poses before the easy ones lol, makes the easy ones…well easier. When I was in my figure drawing class we had several different body types, which also is good to practice, but learning just basic figures, dancers are the best for me.

“Does Artemis' stripe go all the way down? Will this ever be addressed?”
Answer: NEANER NEANER NEANER. Angel keeps some things to herself, and will probably answer that at the appropriate time. Which is not in this FAQ. >:)

“Does Artemis' semi-hidden eye have magic powers?”
Um…as far as I know, nope. She just wears her hair in her face over the darker half of her fur, the real Artemis used to do her hair like that too!

“What's Lady's Grip Strength?”
Apparently its “vice grip” lol. She's gotta firm shake, a 7 out of 10 on the grip scale. I think its from all the knitting…

“If Angel dyed her hair a different color other than silver, what would it be?”
Angel's hair has been dyed blue before when she was younger, but if she were to dye it a different color now…hmmmmm…perhaps a blonde color or red-auburn like Artemis'. Its hard to make that kind of decision with Angel's fur color lol.

I'll post more soon, promise.
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