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whiterabbit at 6:59PM, June 15, 2007
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Updated every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

Surbrook's stuff, home site for the Kazei 5 setting. To find it, click on “World Books” and then “Kazei 5”.

Original Site for this comic.

My entry is up over at Online, as well as The Webcomic List, The Belfry, Hot, The Webmanga Library, and Webbed comics! Go see and vote where appropriate!

Oh, and the forum's open. ^_^
Aging is compulsory, maturity is optional.

Kazei 5: Rebirth. Go on. You know you want to click it…
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Julian Morrison at 5:37PM, Oct. 27, 2007
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Which came first - the comic or the game?
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