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Ciaran (see-are-en) (The “en” is a sort of cross between “en” and “un.” One might go so far as to almost pronounce it just “n.” )
Role: Follower; healer
Age: 25 (approx. 19 on Earth)
Species: Wevlynq
Race: humanoid
Clan: unknown
Classification: Follower
Physical Appearance: dark, monochrome; long tufted ears; black tail with white stripes, white tailend, white fin on top; dark grey Dragon wings
Clothing: black high-collared t-shirt; grey pants; grey armband on right lower arm
Unique Traits: hair over left side of face; ears and tail of unknown descent
Special Skills: shroud of Darkness
Planetary: ?, Dark
Symbols: unknown
Weapons: daggers
Hand: left
Personality: none/unknown
Strengths: unknown
Weaknesses: unknown
Family: unknown
Companion: Lefeka
No one knows much about Ciaran, not even Lefeka, his Companion. It's not clear how they managed to establish the connection that is usually triggered by Companions being close friends - of the few words you could use to describe Ciaran's relationships, close is definitely not one of them. Companionship is a relatively new concept to Kenah, though, so there is still much to discover about it.
What they do know about his past is that he'd been living for years on end in the forest in which they found him. They asked him what he was doing with his life, and he realized that he was indeed just wasting it. It was at this point that Ciaran found what is one of the few things to which he's not indifferent. He feels he always needs to be doing something that's not just getting by. When he was given the choice between a lack of purpose and a chance to help someone, anyone, he knew what he was going to pick.
Ciaran either refuses to show or outright lacks emotion. When he first joined the group of Followers they were a small force dedicated to finding converts. They would ask first, and if the chosen beings refused, the Followers would use force. Those who continued to oppose them were killed. A few joined them, a few more died; but mostly they escaped. Ciaran's first mission changed this, though. It was obvious that he alone was stronger than two or three of the Followers together, and most of them were older than him. It didn't matter to him whether people died. He was just doing his job. When they paired him up with Lefeka, the group was nearly unstoppable. He was ruthless, but it wasn't because he enjoyed it - it was because he didn't care. None of the Followers has ever seen him smile or frown, get angry or be excited. No one can tell by the angle of his ears or the curve of his tail what he's feeling. Wevlynq can sense others' emotions to a certain degree, and even the most empathic Follower can't get the tiniest vibe off of him. He certainly confuses even the brightest of minds.

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