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Vark [vark]
Role: Main Character
Age: 216 (approx. 22 on Earth)
Species: Dragon
Race: Nauvin (W4)
Classification: Pathfinder
Physical Appearance: serpent-like; light teal scales; dark teal mane; long ears; two straight horns; three-two feet
Unique Traits: scar across face
Special Skills: family influence; Elemental Incarnate
Planetary: Water, Earth, ?
Hand: left
Personality: serious, distrusting within reason
Strengths: quick thinking; wide range of knowledge
Weaknesses: family influence; tends to think himself above others
Family: parents, Ullizir [you-lih-zur] (brother - 217), Lefeka [leh-fey-kah] (sister - 217), Shilo [shee-loh] (brother - 216), Zerre [zeh-reh] (brother - 216), Vark (216)
Companion: none
Vark was hatched to parents who strongly supported the Dark Dragon. It's hard to say where the spark of righteousness came from, but it ended up with this Nauvin. He neglected the ways of self-serving, rejected the ideals of the Dark Dragon and his Followers, and dedicated his life to helping others. We don't know exactly why he's in the Hostile Forest - only that it's Shilo's fault. Classified as a Pathfinder, he learns the ways of the land around him and passes on his knowledge to those less accustomed. His classification compels him to help travelers through his home.
Vark is an intelligent thinker. He's always making the plans. He's the leader of the group, as his Classification and smarts make him ideal for scouting ahead. He makes hypotheses, often wild assumptions, but knows when to dismiss them. Still, it's an idea, and anything might lead to something better. Vark is well-versed beyond his years. He tends to be stern but gentle, kind of like that strict librarian. He does, however, often believe he's better than others. It may be partly from his family, a family of proud Dragons, and from the fact that he always looked down on their support for the Dark Dragon. It may be because he is, in fact, very smart. A touch of pride never did anyone any harm, but his goes a few more touches above that. He enjoys being right, and doesn't enjoy looking undignified.
Vark's immediate family has a special gift. Each of his siblings, both his parents, and he can all do something or other that's pretty cool and quite uncommon. For Vark, it's something called an Elemental Incarnate. This means he can shape his elements into a physical rendering of himself. Unless you're paying enough attention, it will look just like him - scales, mane, and all. However, if you start to notice some weird things, and look into it a bit more, you can see through the skin and it'll just look like a bunch of water, leaves, and dirt in a Dragon shape.

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