tout goombas are here for action

go here for the rules
zekeybomb at 10:41PM, July 18, 2007
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hi zekey again i got an email from the toutorial goombas and they say"hi im tod and this is a …. hey cool grapes oh yeah rules what fun
1 rule :no cussing cause dude kids who like read this shoulnt like repeat k
rule 2:k man no flameing we just want this for chatting and getting new freinds for you cyberers you dudes and dudettes needta get a room and a toutorial on using pq k
rule 3 :my good freinds is like if you put up links and there like pornographic dude pleese warn the readers k dudes well its been tubular dude
-signed-tod and chip the tout goombas(i_i)
somthing about the lighting in wal greens makes you want to steal or pay half btw go here
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