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bubble and cubys rules of board
zekeybomb at 10:53PM, July 18, 2007
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zekey again im here typing what bubble and cuby sent to me via snail mail it reads"
(*)hi im bubble and(#)im cubey (*#)and were here to tell you the rules(#)i cubey will tell you rule 1:STAY THE HECK ON TOPIC(*)i bubble will tell you rule 2:dont cuss we have younger readers then you ok wich also means if youre gonna cyber take it to pq cubey take the last rule pleese(#)will do bubble rule 3: is dont be a jerk to sad people here and dont trick us to get attention that means if you have a cat named dad dont say my dad died say my hamster dad died ok thanks bye (*) |#|
somthing about the lighting in wal greens makes you want to steal or pay half btw go here
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