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The mediocre one at 8:53PM, Aug. 24, 2007
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If lizard won't mine, i'll put down some rules, just the ones that i remember when I was running the comic. These are in no particular order.
* Sprites are VERY limited. Only those that blow us off our feet will be accepted
* Drawn, for headache's sake are loosely judged, if it looks like you shit the comic, then we can't accept it.
* each person has three days to make some kind of contact, and a week to do the page
*failure without excuse or reason will result in a strike, get three (or two if you are particuarly problematic) and you're out.
*if you do something that's just irksome, depending on what it was, and the mood of lizard, you get a certain amount of strikes.
We just wing the rest of it.
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DruidJP585 at 8:50PM, Aug. 28, 2007
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Here a some ideas for some rules.

>Don't kill off main characters that aren't yours. A possible exception to this rule is main characters of someone that got a dishonorable discharge from the team (for example cussing out every single person, killing off every character.) Off course I tend to keep characters of someone such as that around as punching bags.
>Try not to god-mode. Not every character is perfect. Not every injury can be avoided. You don't have a solution to every problem that comes up.
>Try to stay true to a character's persona. If you don't know what a character would do, ask its owner.
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