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DruidJP585 at 9:09AM, July 31, 2007
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If you guys make icons for your characters and various landmarks, I think I can make a map in which you can move them about using the arrow keys.
Notes to self:
Put precautions to keep elements from going past borders of map.

Lets see, I will also probably put some coordinate text as well to list the current position of various things.
Notes to self:
Put coordinate list in scrolling box.
By each coordinate there would be the icon and the name.
You can click an icon to make that object have focus.
Below coordinate list there would be a manual coordinate input box. Pressing the space bar would cause the selected object to update to inputed coordinate.

There would also be an option to output all coordinates in BBCode format as to make it easier to copy to forums.

This would be easy right? It would be easily updatable, as long as people supply icons, names and coordinates.
The origin would probably mount carin.
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