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Loud_G at 8:25AM, Aug. 15, 2007
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This is a comic strip which I do at work on my dry-erase board which hangs outside my cubical. The medium is (as you should probably guess) dry-erase marker.

Let me tell you… it is quite annoying working in this medium and the quality is not nearly as good as it would be if I used pencil (my normal medium).

I love dragons, always have. This comic started with me drawing silly stuff on my sister's bedroom door (she had a whiteboard there too) then after I drew two different ones, I shifted the project to my work. It keeps my coworkers giggling so I thought I'd share it with a larger audience.

In the future I may do some higher quality sketches in different mediums, but for now its marker all the way.

Let me know what you think.
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