Ultimate Collection in print
Abt_Nihil at 5:28AM, Feb. 18, 2011
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The “ultimate collection” of signifikat (a sexy/surreal/philosophical sci-fi comic which ran from 2007 to 2010, was featured on dd in 2008 and a “best philosophical comic” runner-up in the dd awards 2010) is now in print! It features all six chapters and prologues from the webcomic in a retouched and relettered version on 150 pages. An additional 50 pages features bonus comics, pin-ups (by dd-award winner alejkhan, JustNoPoint, Ran Brown, Zambi and many more), sketches, two in-depth interviews conducted by alejkhan and commentary pages by myself. That's 200 pages for a mere 12$! (A special introductory price which might go up a few bucks soon.) More info can be found here.

Also, I added Holon #1 (a flip-book also featuring a Tales from the Intergalactic Railway short story) and A.D. 1997 Vol. 2 #1 to my indyplanet store. Here are the covers -)
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