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Trainer/Fisherman Evan
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Name: Evan

Age: 19

Occupation: Trainer/Fisherman

Sex: male

Team: “Greenwing” Golduck, male
“Snowball” Delibird, female
“Mallard” Magmar, female

Ranking: All Kanto and Johto badges.

Personality: Evan is usually the quiet guy who does nothing but stare, very rarely will you see him talking, even in a battle! His mood can change from angry, to sad, to happy for no apparent reason, this is due to his Bipolar disorder.

Background: Evan came from the little quiet town of snowport city, fishing for Magikarp was his hobby until he snagged a psyduck. The two were inseperatable the day he caught it. He started traveling at the age of 15, the trainers in Sinnoh were too tough for him so he decided to start out in Kanto and go on from there.

About his Pokemon: Greenwing, Evans starter Pokemon, knows the attacks Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Hypnosis, and Attract. Along the journey when he evolved into a Golduck he began to get attached to female Pokemon very quickly, He fell in love with a Delibird(knows Aurora Beam, Gift, Blizzard, and charm), Evan (not wanting to separate this cute couple) caught the Delibird so they could be together. Often he left them at the daycare center.

Later on, when they reached cinnabar island, Greenwing also fell in love with a Magmar(Knows Fireblast, Overheat, Ember, and Captivate). Evan yet again caught this Pokemon, not wanting to separate her from Greenwing. At first Delibird and Magmar were jealous of each other, but later decided to share him

(Yes I'm aware of the scarf difference.)
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