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A New Challenger appears; Shad.
mastachaos at 7:45PM, Sept. 21, 2007
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Second time doing this

Name: Shad

Age: 17

Occuptation: Trainer

Pokemon league achievements: All Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn badges(Hoenn champion for less than a week)

Shadow(Shiny Umbreon)*star*

Background: Like a typical trainer, Shad started out with an Eevee that loved the moon. After obtaining all of the Kanto badges, his eevee evolved into an Umbreon. Instead of challenging the League, Shad and Shadow traved to the johto, and once again obtain all 8 badges. When he thought of challenging the johto league, his brother gave him two eggs that became a torchic and a mareep. With his two new additions, he decided to train for three years before journeying to Hoenn. Shortly after becoming the Hoenn champion, he resigned almost instantly, stating that he still wasn't ready for Champion status.

He traveled to Sinnoh by request of his brother and spend a few months training with his brother, who in turn gave Shad his Garchomp and Empoleon(which he rarely uses). After hearing about a certain tournament, Shad views it as a chance to see if he's ready to accend to the next level.

Personality: Shad is the quiet type, prefering to observe from the side lines and speaking only if there's a reason he deams “worthy.” However, after he knows someone for a while he seems to be more talkative. Shad trains with his team….meaning he acually spars with Angel and Sato(leading to many trips to the hospital).

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