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I'll put this up again.

Character Information:

Name: Kuumba Akil-Bonsai

Age: 15

Reigon: Johto

City: Goldenrod City

Trainer Type: Professor's Aide, Professor in Training

Pokemon Team: Pixel-Shiny Vulpix (Male), Espeon (Female), Ditto, Cyndaquil (Male), Charizard (Male), Chimchar (Male)

Character Background: Kuumba is the adopted son and assistant to Johto Pokemon Professor and Pokemon Psychologist Asuka Bonzai. The lab was in Cinaibar Island, but after the volcano eruption relocated to a research center in Goldenrod City. Kuumba himself specializes in breeding Pokemon to learn moves they normally wouldn't be able to from birth I.E, his Vulpix knows Hypnosis, His Espeon knows Curse, Cyndaquil knows Foresight. He also has a slight bent towards technology that usually ends in giant robots. Kuumba is currently involved with the checkup and health screening processes in a current tournament.

Personality: Kuumba is smart, but completely scatter-brained. He has been known to go off on enthusiastic rants and often forgets what he's talking about or doing and goes into another subject. His heart is in the right place though, and he often finds unique, though offbeat and sometimes overcomplicated, solutions to his problems.

Pixel: The first pokemon Kuumba bred from an egg and the only named pokemon that Kuumba owns, Pixel is often the pokemon Kuumba relys on most. In contrast to his own scatterbrained and flaky behavior, Pixel is quite dependable, calm and reasonable for a pokemon. It's lax nature belies a feirce intelligence and it occasionally puts Kuumba and those around him to sleep with Hypnosis of it's own accord to quiet them down when it's trying to think.
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