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Trainer Lance
NPC_Girl at 10:29AM, Sept. 19, 2007
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Background: His mother ran a Pokemon beauty parlour and he would spend many of his weekends helping her. His father ran off to become a Pokemon master when he was little. and so when he was old enough he was determined to go off and find him. but as he grew up he became inspired to become a Pokemon breeder after seeing so many peoples different Pokemon and how different each one turns out depending on how they're raised. but none the less he still went out to travel around when he hit sixteen to find his father and see whether or not he succeeded in his quest. He loves to enter competitions to show off his pokemon, and has several ribbons of all colours.

personality: A vain young man, who does have a refreshingly honest attitude. He acts innocently, saying things off the top off his head in an open minded fashion. He can come across as rude, or brash because of this. He acts like a bit of a ditz, but he shows some signs of amazing intelligence when he wants to. He is very stubborn when it comes to decisions, because it usually take him some time to think about them, but when he has a plan he sticks to it like glue.

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