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Trainer Arkan
magnus911 at 5:29PM, Sept. 17, 2007
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- Pokemon not in picture: Shiny Lucario and Torterra

Name - Arkan Ildasa

Age - 12

Avenger (Shiny Lucario) *STAR*
Spectra (Misdreavus)
Cally (Kirlia)
Ironhide (Aron)
Zaktan (Torterra)
*empty slot*

Pokemon League Ranking - 7 Sinnoh Badges

History - Born in the small Dewford town in Hoenn, Arkan was always fond of two things: Ghost Pokeon and Steel Pokemon. In the Dewford Cave near his town, Arkan would go and play with the wild Aron living there. One day, however, his parents told him that he was moving to Sinnoh, and had to leave the Aron behind. Arkan was sad, but he knew that there would be Aron in Sinnoh, and he'd be able to play with them as well. After two years of living in Sinnoh, Arkan turned ten and was ready to become a Pokemon trainer. He chose a Turtwig to be his starter, and went on his journey.

On his journey, he met many Pokemon, and has even seen some of the fabled Legendary Pokemon. He saw a Lugia fly by him one day, played with a Manaphy near Sunyshore city, and claims to have seen Darkrai in a nightmare. He has the Pokedex entries to prove that he saw these Pokemon, except for Darkrai of course.

Now, with two years of Pokemon training experience under his belt, he journeys to the “greatest Pokemon tournament in the world”, as he heard from a promoter, in order to prove himself as a Pokemon trainer.

Personality - Arkan is a friendly guy, as long as you don't hurt his Pokemon(outside of battle) or Pokemon in general. He would become a Pokemon Ranger, but he decided early in life to live his days as a Pokemon trainer, or even a Pokemon Master. He was always terrified and fascinated by Ghost Pokemon, and he loved Steel Pokemon. Arkan likes eating berries, and lieks Mudkips, although he doesn't own one. Arkan puts green wristbands on the wrists of his Pokemon as a sign of trust, and wears one as well.

Personality/History (Avenger) - Avenger is a Shiny Lucario that Arkan got from a man named Riley. Avenger was hatched as a Riolu by Arkan after many days of walking. Arkan was soon amazed to find that his Riolu could communicate with him through telepathy(although Avenger as a Riolu couldn't talk very well). When Avenger evolved into a Lucario, Arkan and Avenger became more than just close friends, Avenger became his closest ally. Avenger became a communicative bridge between Arkan and his other Pokemon, because no matter how hard he tried, Arkan couldn't understand them.

Avenger likes to surprise people with his telepathy, as he finds that their reactions are priceless. Avenger is a humble and loyal warrior, and would do anything to protect Arkan and his Pokemon team. Avenger is somewhat cocky, although whenever he uses Sword Dance, his cockiness is backed up by his raw power. Avenger enjoys eating berries with Arkan. Arkan and Avenger don't get into arguments much, but whenever they do, Arkan eventually yields to Avenger's quick wit and tendency to telepathically shout loudly into Arkan's mind, which results in a large headache for Arkan.

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