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trainer koren
xanos at 1:35PM, Sept. 17, 2007
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Character Information:
Pokemon League Level:8 Hoenn badges, and 4 original badges (from the first game?)
Pokemon Team: magnemite, grovile (star), haunter, raichu, empty*, empty*.
Character Background:koren was originally from rusburo city but now he travels around as a pokemon trainer. he never did finish his first league he went to but the second one he completed succesfully (though he lost in the second round of the finals) now he plans to try even harder and this time make it at lease to the semi finals (if possible) oh boy is he determined!
Personality: koren is a rather kind person. this normally gets him into trouble because of his habit of striving to help others. he often found sticking his nose in buissness he dosent belong but he hasn't been in any REAL trouble YET
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