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Pvt. Gale
GigasDragon at 11:53AM, Sept. 17, 2007
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This thread is dedicated to my trainer, Pvt. Gale. Thought I'd use him as an example to what a trainer thread could look like. Feel welcome to put up threads about your own trainers so people may discuss them =3

Name - Gale Sampson

Age - 26

Hometown - Vermilion City, Kanto

History - Gale doesn't wish to speak about his history personally, though as the rumors go, he was the only trainer that Lt. Surge had ever taken under his wing as an apprentice Gym Leader. His father was apparently a soldier that fought along side Surge in the war that he constantly talks about. The soldier had fallen ill and on his deathbed, Surge had agreed to train the man's son, who was aspiring to be the greatest gym leader the world had ever known.

It is rumored that, for a couple of years, Surge and Gale seemed to get along fine, however Surge always criticized Gale for using Pokemon that were weak, and when the order was given to get newer, better ones, Gale had apparently left for Johto on the next day to spite him.

Pokémon -
Gale trades often, and therefore sees a lot of electric Pokemon that come from other regions such as Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Tomayto the Plusle
Tomahto the Minun
Zibbolt the Pachirisu
Floarza the Rotom
House the Ampharos
Rainamo the Raichu

Personality -
I still can't think of one that fits ;-;
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