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Questions about our comic and what we are doing.
Gargoylewebcomic at 2:56PM, Sept. 17, 2007
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I'll start off by saying we are a non-profit webcomic. Any money we pay the artists is donated to us or from our own pockets. We got the idea from our Co-Editor Woofy boy about 5 years ago. Its taken us awhile to get a site together and gather artists intersted in the project. you may ask why are we doing this? Well because we love the show. We hope to get more people interested in the show agian now that it is on dvd. We also are unique in that we can illustrate things you would never see. Ever want to see Batman meet goliath one night? How about the hulk smashing things in goliaths city? Or how about, to get even more wierd, 24's jack bauwer needed the gargoyles help to destroy the terrorists? Well it can all be found on our site. Bear with us as the relanching of the site will begin near the end of this year.

In the meanwhile feel free to ask questions we like feedback
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