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Are We Dead Yet...?
Mace at 3:10AM, June 19, 2008
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Fuck no!


I lost a LOT of momentum after I got going. Tried out to be the new artist of Chocolate Milkmaid and that fizzled out. I had tons of support from the creator, but the editor wasn't happy with my work. So, rather than permanently burn any bridges, I bowed out. Now, the new artist is MIA. Shame. Regardless, I never got back here. Then, something happened in March.

Some bastard stuck a 9MM in my face and took off with some loot from the retail establishment where I hold down employment. Did a lot of soul-searching, and decided that I didn't want to be a retail slave anymore. At least… not one without benefits. I started working a LOT harder on my “legitimate” comics. So, here I am.

Peppermint Saga will be back, folks. Without question. I have three pages laid out. I just need to find the time in my non-existent schedule to make them happen. It's been really hard to motivate of late. The surge in Pep Saga's popularity certainly helps, but not being able to make any ad revenue off it is kinda bringing me down. Especially since my “legit” gigs are costing me some serious skrilla.

Anyway, no more downbeat nonsense. I'm ACTUALLY in a good mood right now. Just gotta find a way to make my comics a financial upside, rather than just an “expensive vanity hobby”. With that in mind, I am PROBABLY gonna open up a regular old website for Peppermint Saga which you guys will be free to cruise over to, or stay here and enjoy what little I post. (I will always post the comic. Just not the extras here.)

Anyway, thanks for sticking around, and thanks for 301 fans!!!!

See ya when I see ya!

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