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You Too Can Help!
Mace at 5:11PM, April 17, 2008
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Drunk Duck's system does not allow me to advertise on my page due to the content restrictions. Since you MUST log in in order to see the page, this means the robots that check to see if my ads are properly placed can't get in! Peppermint Saga is going to start living up to it's rating in the next few pages (I swear, Goddammit!), so lowering the rating is out of the question.


You can help out, and it won't cost you a CENT. Y'see, we DO have an official forum located here at If more people were to frequent the place, join, post, lurk… whatever you want, then my ad revenue would go way up and I'd be able to afford such luxuries as bread and water! Yaaaay!

So if you wanna help Peppermint out, lend me a hand and you don't even have to open your wallet! And, who knows: you might even meet a fun person or two in there. That's a hell of a deal. ;)

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