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DAJB at 4:39AM, July 17, 2010
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Now that Shades is finished, I thought it might be a good idea to collect some of the nicer comments it's received since we started here at Drunk Duck. (Well, I'm hardly going to collect the not-so-nice ones, am I?!) Since I wanted to collect comments on the story as a whole (rather than on individual pages), most of these are from the final one or two pages but there are a few from the earlier pages, too.

For everyone who left comments on Shades, whether they're listed here or not … thank you! Your feedback has been a constant source of encouragement to us!


Of all the comics I've read on the web, Shades has certainly been the most perfectly executed. I look forward to reading it all in one sitting.
(Ep p06)

Arturos deserves his own spin-off… but so does almost every other character from Shades! This comic worked so well as a team book, as an ensemble piece. It's like a British “Watchmen”.
(Ep p05)

This was super enjoyable from start to finish I'll definitely miss this world you have made.
(Ep p06)

What an incredible ride …
(Ch08 p17)

You have an incredible mosaic of storytelling and masterful art!
(Ch06 p12)

You have an outstanding piece of art with Shades, something to really be proud of. I've always considered Shades well thought-out, but it's not until I read it all at once that I realized just how much research, planning, and heart you put into it.
(Ep p06)

Doctor Shadow
this comic has truly taken the idea of superheroes and done for them, for the modern audience, what Alan Moore did in the Watchmen way back. I however have a definite confession, and it might seem as heresy to the Mooreites out there. I prefer Shades to the Watchmen.

Not dissin' on old Alan there since he's a great writer, but for this modern age, Shades delivers something perfect in a great package.
(Drunk Duck Forums)

Shades kicks more ass than so many mainstream comics.
(Ch16 p16)

God of War
I shed many tears of pure joy and wonder upon this amazing comic.
(Ep p06)

Fantastic work, so well paced.
(Ch08 p16)

The quality never slips I feel like I know these people personally.
(Ch08 p04)

My favorite take on the super hero was Robinsons' version of Starman. You are now neck and neck with it.
(Ch07 p01)

So consiStently professional!
(Ch04 p14)

The characters in this story are really great.
(Ch07 p10)

an epic tale: beautifully written, researched, rendered - you gave us a great story, a world we could believe in and characters we could care about. You obviously cared a great deal about all the above too and it shows.
(Ep p06)

Never in the field of superhuman comics was so much owed by so many to so few!
(Ep credits)

I can truly say that this was the best of the superhero webcomics that I've read. Its been a privilege reading Shades.
(Ep p06)

exquisitely written comic!
(Ep p06)

Really excellent story - easily the best written comic I have found on the duck Superb!
(Ep p06)

This is such a pro book. the more I read it the more it reminds me of John Byrne.
(Ch03 p14)

this is an amazing comic!
(Ch16 p15)

a great comic, excellently written and with outstanding art.

You have that classic real world style that got me into comics to start with. Your perspective, downshots, upshots and story telling rival that of any of the comics in print.

one heck of a story.
(Ep credits)

This is some amazing work!
(Ch04 p13)

a wonderful, wonderful ride! Absolutely perfect!
(Ep p06)

You have really achieved a fine “aria” about the many sides of heroism in “Shades”, especially those that are easily overlooked You may not have reinvented the genre, but you've sure given it the most refreshing spin I've seen in decades of voracious comix reading.
(Ep p06)

you really manage to make these heroes vulnerable and human in a moving way.
(Ch08 p17)

Haven't enjoyed a British story this much since watching the good ol' Ealing comedies on TV, you've got the same tone, even if the story is totally different.
(Ch03 p04)

a truly great Web comic.
(Ep p06)

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