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Hook, line and sinker!
DAJB at 12:21AM, Nov. 30, 2007
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You know what it's like - sometimes you're casually browsing all the comics online at DD and suddenly a line strikes a real chord with you. Or maybe it just hits your funny bone. It may or may not come from a great comic. You may not even know why you like it so much, but something about the line itself is just so cool, you know you simply must remember it …

Except, of course, you don't - a day later, it's forgotten! Anyway, I thought I'd try to remember a few of my favourites by recording them here, as and when I find them. Click on a quote to see it in context (it's better that way!) and do feel free to add any of your own!

Stalin has a tee shirt.

I thought her name was Captain!
I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space

I don't even count ‘em whem I claim ’em, you know.
Melody and Macabre

I think it probably started as a Beetle.

Screw addition, man … Our problems are multiplying.

Beer ain't drinkin'.
Templar, Arizona

Should he be ticking …?
Heroes Unite

I'm getting the spear.

Bring me twenty bottles of whatever the blonde women are drinking!
Off Hours

Nice try, but you're not a girl.
Ninja Shizatch

Funny. My memory seemed a lot clearer before I jumped off that bridge.
The Many Misfortunes of Lady Luck

Life was so much easier before the zombies.
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