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Not really a very inspiring title for the blog is it? Well, the content will more than make up for that! So…yeah, quite a few page views already and it seems people are actually interested in this collaboration between myself and Reva Flynn. Reva is a character that will appear in the comic as well, she's part of Hestonia as much as Captain Talon Mane.

So this is the first of many blogs from me since I'm pretty addicted to blogging in general and I know some of my friends are on DD now. So, they expressed an interest in knowing more about the world and more about some of the characters and concepts behind it. I'll be posting more art and various tid-bits as time goes on as well as short fragments from various short stories set in Hestonia.

At some point I'll be bugging Reva Flynn to produce a nice map so you can actually see how the various places fit. Reva's rather good at maps, she did Legarion for Sohmer from Looking for Group.

So for now I'll leave you with a short little tid-bit entitled:

Reva Flynn: Apothecary

“Reva Flynn,” she introduced herself, “Apothecary.” Intelligent violet eyes surveyed the group and she alighted on Kalon. “I have my license,” she said defensively. “You can't touch me here in Wyrden.”

“Oh shut up Reva,” Agatha pushed past the woman and bustled inside. “We're not here to shut you down, he's one of us, well, will be.”

“I see,” the woman eyed everyone warily. “Oh do come in Aggie,” she intoned.

“Get the kettle on,” the old woman cackled softly and sat down in a ragged arm chair. “We're parched here.”

Reva allowed them in, closed the door and smiled at Jennifer as she recognised the young woman. She did prepare a pot of tea as Agatha Black explained a good many things, she listened in turn as Kalon reiterated his adventure with Spry and the book, and she mused on all of this and finally said.

“The City of Wyrden was about the best place you could have come,” she handed another cup to Spry who seemed to delight in drinking this slightly leafy beverage. “You'll find plenty of people here who're able to help.”

“Thought so,” Agatha interjected. “How's the movement going?”

“It's,” she looked at Kalon and then Spry. “Going well, but we could do with some more help.”

Reva Concept picture

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Updating: Thursdays. Now in glorious Ink Wash and Water Soluble Pencil! Reva's note: This is not created digitally, it's all hand drawn and inked.
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