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The Kelanari - what/who are they?
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Kelan: Brighthaven was a flourishing kelanari community once upon a time and the kelanari enjoyed a long lifespan, and such a wondrous time of things. They didn't want for anything and they were the chosen of the world, or so they thought. As soon as the Regent heard about them, he turned his greedy hands towards their fertile and unspoilt lands. Now Brighthaven is a desolate place with no living being or soul within it, a hole in the ground, where the Regent has burned and exhausted an entire forest within five years.

What of the Kelan?

Female Kelan were captured and were turned into either a slave breeding stock, or trained to be personal guards to the Regent himself - he has an overwhelming desire for the female kelan type and while there are human women amongst his Hunters, it's more likely that they are comprised of fiercely loyal (brainwashed) female kelanari. The Hunters are more than just the bodyguards, for they are expected to entertain the Regent on a more personal level.

Male Kelan were culled until the numbers were carefully brought into line, they were then trained as slaves and servants, or gladiators in the Regent's Combat pits. Those male kelanari who were lucky enough to avoid both fates are reserved for a third, they become glorified cattle to breed female kelanari, the Regent uses science and alchemical means to make sure that the male kelanari only produce female children.

Since the events of this webcomic take place 100 years after the Regent's reign was ended, the Kelan have begun to flourish again but they are not as powerful as they once were.

Oh and just because I love this place: here's a Kelan woman in a hat…because as Talon says: he's always felt naked without his hat.

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