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how it works, past of ringo
dwrean at 8:01PM, Jan. 3, 2011
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lets hope the crossoverlord page isnt entirely abandoned. im sure ill make the maker crazy, but how does the multiverse work(outside of the writter saying it does)? for instance we have, like, a hundred different earths with humanoids on them. it made me wonder if there was some sort of information connection/exchange between them, causing highly similar events to unfold in each of them. ill most likely add to this question if answered.
also, in another post, you said ask away if we wanted to use ringo, well i kinda want to connect into the whole multiverse thing, sorta. what can i say, im a fan… who still is lazy, impatient, easily distracted, not properly equiped and untrusting of his own artistic ability to carry out a comic without people wanting to gouge out their eyes. that and i might want to actually create something unrelated entirely to any other comic so i wouldnt look like a hack… what was i talking about, oh yeah.
anywho, what was ringo like? could he understand human emotion or *gasp* have them. how numerous were his kin? what is the depth of his intellect, and how senile is he? what was their relations with the first races, or are all of our guys the first thing to crawl out of the mud? so on so forth etc etc
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God of War at 5:36AM, Jan. 8, 2011
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You should ask Al or Neil on PM about it, I think.
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