Vocabulary/Thesaurus For Tygar

First Chunk of Vocab
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Ami: Mommy or mama.

Api: Daddy or papa.

Kodra: A bond between parent and child that is rooted in instincts. Very strong almost psychic bond where the child and parents know where they are or when they are coming.

Kadra: A bond between spouses or mates that is rooted in instincts.

High Matriarch: The leader of any Tygar clan, born into royalty, marks on their body are tear-drop shaped (mark of royalty).

High Councilman: A people-elected male, second in command after the High Matriarch and speaks for the people on their behalf.

Matriarch: The next-in-line to be the High Matriarch in the royal line, usually a sister or a cousin to the High Matriarch, blood relative. Third in command of the clan,

Councilman: Chosen by the High Councilman, the fourth in command of the clan. Can be in charge of anything the High Councilman appoints him to.
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