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tripleL at 1:41AM, Feb. 12, 2010
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(/englishaccent) I'm not dead yet! (/endenglishaccent)

First I want to tell you guys I am incredibly touched by the fact that I still have people checking on this comic… I am shocked by the fact that it has been almost one year exactly since I logged onto drunkduck to update (seriously, it was like a solid 15 minutes of creeped-out-ness). So, <3<3<3, smooch smooch, to you guys out there still checkin'.

Anyway. I've had (yet another) hectic year. I'm going to try and update things a bit for myself first, but know this: SYZYGY will be back! RARR!

My goal is once-a-week updates, but the first thing I'm going to be doing is revamping the pages i have up. I was still very new to the process at the time (and still kind of am…lulz). But I can't stand the ones I have up right now ‘cause I know I can do better. Plus I realized it…um, pretty much doesn’t follow how I wanted it to go in my head. Surprise surprise, eh?

Feel free to check in every once in a while. The latest page will change each time I update, no matter what it is I'm actually updating (or…not updating…um…HEY LOOK A 3-HEADED MONKEY! /suddenlyflees!)
On the other hand, you have different fingers! :D
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