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Fallout Shelter
tripleL at 10:27PM, Feb. 15, 2009
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Haha, I know, I know, I said “Imma do it in one week!” …I lied. Things happen. Build a bridge and get over it. I'm still gonna try for once a week, but I ain't paid to this so meh. ^_^

Annnnyway. Have I mentioned Fallout 3 is freakin' awesome? I blew up an entire town. Granted, said town had decided to build itself around an UNDETONATED ATOMIC BOMB. At least one guy had the decency to excuse it by starting a cult up around it. Instead of, you know, just hangin' out staring at it. Plus they had this creepy chipmunk-like woman who drove me to restart my game just so I could have the pleasure of blowing her up.

Have you read Cru the Dwarf? (if not do so now, and also i salute you right now, mr. cru) Do you remember Becky? Yeah, this woman was BECKY. I HATED HER. SO HARD.

And you know what? SHE F@##%$@# SURVIVED THE ATOMIC BLAST.


Yeah, so I've made a note (it's sticky even! :D) to myself that on the next playthrough I'm going to go goody for a while, and then get the neutral achievement by killing the town (with it's oh so cool mushroom cloud ending) and then going on to kill Bec- I mean Moira. SHE HAS IT COMIN' TO HER.

Ah…It feels nice to beat the crap out of something that annoys you that much. Heh. Anyway, it's got Giant mutants to beat up, and lots of pretty pretty guns to fire. Let me put it this way…The game considers an assault rifle to be one of the SMALLER guns. And since there is a gun out there that can fire EIGHT mini-nuclear bombs ALL AT ONCE…you do the math.
On the other hand, you have different fingers! :D
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