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Some more common questions about Skull Girl AKA Molly Mukai.

Q: Why does she have fangs?
A: Because she's evil. Or thinks she is.

Q: Why does she want to be evil?
A: She wants to be “professionally evil”. There's a difference between real evil and professional evil – primarily being that professional evil gives you benefits, a regular salary, star power and you don't have to worry about some crazed psychopath of extreme justice hunting you down and brutally murdering you.

Q: Why does she have white skin when in costume?
A: She uses a body wash that makes her skin appear to be white. Same stuff the Gotham Girls use.

Q: What is her nationality?
A: She's half Japanese, like me. The only difference is she's Irish-Japanese while I'm more Scottish-Japanese.

Q: How did she get her powers?
A: In Super Temps, everyone has special powers, just most people have stupid, useless ones.

Q: OK, why the skull motif?
A: Molly's always liked the art of the holiday “Day of the Dead”… and Skeletor. This is what has caused her basic ability to fire concussive energy blasts from her fists to have a slight skull-shape and create skull-shaped clouds of smoke after impacting. She has a slight interest in Gothic culture, but her personality's all wrong for it.

Q: Does she have any other powers?
A: Her eyes, believe it or not. They're beyond human in their cuteness. She's also got a natural talent for ninjitsu.

Q: Are her hair and eyes really that colour?
A: Yes. I have no intention of proving it however – YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Q: How does she avoid killing people with those big energy blasts?
A: She ‘pulls’ them. And it's a cartoon. But for the record – yes, she can fire LETHAL blasts too.

Q: Her brother is mentioned at one point. Will we ever see him?
A: I plan to have him show up eventually.
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