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smkinoshita at 10:06AM, June 26, 2008
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One of the chief sources for Super Temps confusion are in the concepts, which aren't always spelled out and require reading the comic frequently to understand at times.

A great source of ‘confusion’ comes from the “Review of Super Temps” thread. (

The majority of it comes courtesy of “King of Snake”, and you can draw your own conclusions from that.

Q: What is the premise of the comic? Does it have any thing to do with entry level temp at super hero/villain base, doing data entry, reception, filing, telemarketing?
A: The premise of the comic is that being a super hero or villain is a full-time job, with a union and benefits. “Super Temps” is the name of a popular super-temping agency, which provides supers to play temporary roles for organizations. Comics are full of one-shot characters to fulfill some sort of role in a story, and this is where they come from.

Q: Why so much gratuitous T&A but then scribbled out curses?
A: Because comics, cartoons and popular media use a lot of T&A and violence, but then censor the swearing for some reason. Also, like sex and violence, swearing is much effective when something is left up to the imagination.

Q: Who set up all the pro-wrestling like feuds between the heroes and villains and why?
A: The Super Corps., which are regulated by the Super's Union. Supers are the #1 top entertainment in the world (after all, it combines sex, violence, and ‘reality tv’ all into one). Supers merchandise is the top seller. It brings in huge revenues to the Super Corps, from which the Super's Union takes a sizable piece. The Super's Union pays special heavy taxes. So the short answer is that the average person sets up and pays for everything because it's really fun to watch.

Q: It's like behind the scenes on the WWE where heroes and villains get along in their off hours and they're guys just playing parts, half actors/half athletes. But on the other hand they really want to be heroes and villains, which isn't really compatible, right?
A: Damn KOS, learn to spell! I had to… *cough* Short answer: It's funny. Longer answer: Actually it's perfectly compatible. Politicians are supposed to run things in a way that makes a country stronger, so its people prosper. Except they tend to have a keen self-interest, and so they do a lot of stuff that primarily lines their pockets, or benefits their own interests. Some of them pretend that this will be ‘good for everyone in the long run’ and others are more ‘honest’ about their own corruption. And to top it off: No, actually most of them don't really want to be heroes or villains, they just want to APPEAR to be one.

Q: Do you know you have a lot of spelling errors?
A: Do you know I'm Canadian? I run the sucker through a spell-checker that uses Canadian English… more or less the same English that the Brits and Aussies use. Here's a pre-emptive “No” for those of you asking if I'd consider using American English.

Q: What's up with the Super's Union? It is a regulatory body, does it look out for the interests of the supers, is it their government, what?
A: The Super's Union is a combination regulatory body and guild. It is essentially an unofficial part of the government. The ‘regular’ supers all pay heavy union dues which helps to pay for their health plan, benefits (including cosmetic surgery) and also to pay for various damages to people and property. Every single dollar of official super's merchandise sold has a cut that goes directly to the Super's Union. To counteract counterfeiting, supers merchandise has countermeasures much like currency does. The fact that classic merchandise has a huge dollar value to collectors also helps reduce the number of fakes. Plus… supers who catch you with bootleg stuff in their image are allowed to pummel you by union rules.
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smkinoshita at 10:36AM, June 26, 2008
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Just thought up a couple more.

Q: Where do the super powers come from?
A: EVERYONE in the world of Super Temps has some sort of special power. Most people's powers however are stupid and/or useless. Powers like “never runs out of paper clips” or “never stinks” or “can shoot whipped cream from the eyes”.

Q: Why do you constantly introduce new characters and situations and then just drop them, like the fat fast food restaurant lady? (Another KOS “classic”)
A: Her name is “Marta” like it says on her name tag, BTW. People enter and leave everyone's lives as time goes on – that's not going to change in real life and it's not going to change in the comic, either.
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