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Reader Mail II
Pieguy259 at 6:59PM, Oct. 29, 2009
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Post any and all questions for Stickman and Cube here.

Short and sweet!
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Zoom the Hedgehog at 8:29PM, Oct. 29, 2009
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Dear, Stickman and Cube
why isn't the comic called “Cube and Stickman?” Is Stickman faster then Cube? Why is the author invisible? Is the author in fact Captain Invisible? Why does he get a different font then everyone else? What's Cube + Stickman / zero? Why couldn't you answer my questions faster? ~ZoomTH
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Bluey at 10:22PM, Oct. 29, 2009
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Who was the life of the party in college, Stickman or Cube? Does Cube have a brother named Square? Where are their parents? Does the author count as a parent? How would you describe Cube mentally?
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Silversonic at 10:03PM, Oct. 30, 2009
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Dear Stickmahn and Goob,

1. What IS Captain Invisible? A stickman? A cube? A piece of pizza? Or just sheer invisibility?
2. Do you celebrate any holidays other than what's shown in the specials? For that matter, what religion do you two follow?
3. If I've been coming across as serious, I apoligize. I'm actually quite insane.
4. Have either of you been tested for any form of En Zanety?
5. What, aside from the author and each other, pisses you off more than anything else?
6. Last, I've got a show tommorow where I do nothing but cause things to explode through various methods, including several using broomsticks and chewing gum. Want free tickets? (Though, I will be picking random audience members to explode… just a warning.)

Flesh, blood, bones and organs.
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Tedmund at 10:56PM, Oct. 31, 2009
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Dear Stickman and Cube,

1)Why do I think Cube so damn Cool?

2)Does Cube float for transportation?

3)Is the author captain invisible?

4)Will cube please be my friend :[?

5)Stick man, do you work out?
I eat BACONS :3!
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13mungoman13 at 9:31AM, Nov. 1, 2009
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1. I know Cube has a face, but where is it?
2. And where is Stickman's face?
3. Did the Author ever think about doing a crossover with me :D (probably not D:)
4. did you ever… uhh… do a pool party (And I have NO idea why on earth I just asked that)
Aaaand that's that.
Bacon is awesome. Some people don't like bacon.
Me don't likes people who doesn't like bacon.
Peoples must die.
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Bluey at 3:10PM, Nov. 1, 2009
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1. Are Stickman and Cube on twitter?
2. Does Cube look like his mom or dad?
3. Is Stcikman a football or baseball fan?
4. What is Cube's favorite colour?
5. Are Stickman and Cube gonna have a family reunion?
6. Can I appear in the comic?
7. Stickman and Cube, on a scale of 1 to 10 how cheap is the author?
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Sinful Like Love at 6:01PM, Nov. 1, 2009
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1- What was Stickman's major in college?
2- What was the mascot of Cube's high school?
3- What is Captain Invisible's favorite outfit? If we could see the invisible car, what color would it be?
4- Is Cube really a cube or is he just 3 parallelograms stuck together?
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Nerd Fury at 3:08PM, Nov. 2, 2009
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1. I noticed on the last reader mail page, Stickman said “we're only human.” Tell me how the heck a stick figure and a cube constitue human beings.

2. What do you guys think of Canada?

3. Would you ever wage war on Canada?

4. Is the author Captain Invisible?


6. Do you think I'm crazy?

7. Do you think I'm Canadian?
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BffSatan at 1:51AM, Nov. 3, 2009
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Dear Stickman and Cube
Can you bust me a mean rhyme? Like a real mean one.
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Stickfodder at 2:35PM, Nov. 3, 2009
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Dear Stickman and Cube:
1)Why can't I think of any questions?

2) Is the author Captain Invisible?

3) Why do I always pee so much when I drink beer?

5)Where the hell did my 4th question go?

6) Which do you prefer puppies or kittens?

7) Hehehehehehehehe

8) If a madman was holding an entire bus load of children hostage and said he would let the majority of them go if you selected one to be killed which one would you choose?

9) Do either of you have any kids?

10a) If not do you want some?

10b) If so do you want to sell them?

11) These chitlins are good. DO you want some?


13) Does this look infected to you?

14) Alternatively does THIS look infected to you?
Though I am a fan of breasts, perhaps not in this forum. -Pieguy

15) Do you believe in karma? And if you do think you'll survive long?

Morgan asks:
Speak softly and carry a big stick to hit people who don't know when to shut up.
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rumpus at 10:35PM, Nov. 22, 2009
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Dear stickman and cube, guacomolli or yellow, which do you prefer? Also, does the invisible author have a moustache aswell? And, would you rather be a XBOX or a goldfish?
Yours ily, rumpus.
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Celtic_Minstrel at 6:54AM, Nov. 26, 2009
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Dear Stickman and Cube,

1. Do you get all riled up when someone misspells something?
2. Have you ever known anyone to explode upon seeing a typo?
3. Have either of you ever played the piano?
4. Which music do you prefer, jazz or renaissance?
5. When did you meet the Author?
6. Did Captain Invisible win a Nobel prize for being invisible?
7. Can you add large sums in your head?
8. Do you read any webcomics?
9. Do you know the Author's name?
10. Is Stickman your full name, or is it a surname? What about Cube?
11. What is your favourite word of more than six letters? Excluding profanities, because they're boring.
12. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what did you get last year?
13. When is Stickman's birthday?
14. When is Cube's birthday?
15. Have you ever heard of February 31st?

—Gragak, who most certainly is not Celtic Minstrel. Not a chance!

P.S. Cookies enclosed. Don't eat them, they're chocolate.
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Pieguy259 at 3:44PM, Nov. 30, 2009
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Alright, youse bums, closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.
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