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Team Omega Sightings - See the cast show up in other webcomics, as they give props to other artists!
fukujinzuke at 2:03AM, Dec. 21, 2008
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Fuku and Lt. Luke Johnson appear at the DrunkDuck 2009 Awards!

Cohen finally makes a cameo in Far Out There.

On a different take, Team Omega appears in different roles on my other webcomic, SHELL:

Fuku plays the role of a superhero codenamed "Hightide"
then the rest of team appears here as a special treat to the readers who follow both comics!

Fuku is cameo'd in Far Out There.

Lt. Luke Johnson is cameo'd in a mass of cameos from Far Out There.

Holly appears in Chad the Fat Kid

Fuku appears in the adult webcomic “Bouncing Orbs of Beauty” by James “Gordy Howitzer” Parker! If you are over 18 years of age, and are not offended by explicit sexual content, the occult, and “lots of other random offensive things,” see it here!

Lieutenant Luke Johnson makes a promo appearance in “Heroes Unite,” a superhero webcomic resulting from a collaboration of multiple drunkduck artists and writers. See it here!
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