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Oscars 09 and comics acceptance
NickGuy at 1:54PM, Feb. 23, 2009
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Maybe Im just a bitter old man. Maybe Im just jealous. Either Way, I couldnt stand the Oscars this past Sunday.

From Hugh Jackman, a man that Hollywood and Marvel are trying to pass off as rough and tough Wolverine, cavorting across the stage singing Grease songs with Beyonce and yelling “the musical is BACK!!” to Speed Racer not even getting any recognition for its astounding visual effects, to the lame predictability of Heath Ledger's victory (I mean come on, they had his fuggin picture next to the words on the screen!), to the awkward forced ass kissing at the end, I just couldnt take it. It all felt like a bad school play, with Will Smith screwing up lines and trying to be funny to cover it up (I swear to god I still dont see how Hollywood even lets him in the door after Fresh prince) and Ben Stiller just walking around. It was all so…scripted. What a waste of time.

Im glad comic movies are getting more notice (every montage clip scenes had at least 2 from Dark Knight and Iron Man which was nice) but do we really need it? Do comics need Hollywoods approval and acceptance? alot of people on message boards and that Ive talked to seem to think so. But I dont agree. movies have been borrowing from comics for forever, with establishing shots, quick cuts, the way they frame images…why do WE need THEIR attention? simply because most people think that that is considered “mainstream”?

fuck hollywood.

fuck hollywood and all their stupid bullshit and their glitz and glam. fuck them. we are smarter. we are better. we create content.

Think about that.




Not just that, but we create content that Hollywood BORROWS from us! and yet there are those who feel that we need their attention? FUCK THEM! Hollywood should be begging US for acceptance not the other way around. and whats worse is the pandering that marvel and DC do to Hollywood for a little acceptance.

i wont stand for it.

I wont have it.

fuck hollywood.

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ghostrunner at 10:40PM, Feb. 24, 2009
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agrred, i havent been able to stand the oscars since i developed taste
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