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The nature of evil.
Abt_Nihil at 9:10AM, Nov. 11, 2008
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It has often been said that a (super-)hero is only as interesting as his/her villain. So here are some words about how I approached the “villain”-aspect of this comic.

Here's what DAJB commented on Issue #0 Page 4:

I think the worst abuses of power are pretty commonplace in most economic systems that this world has seen to date, so my money's on evil being a fundamental part of some people's genetic make-up, not a function of any particular economic system. But I'd like to be wrong!

My reply was:

Evil doesn't have to be in your genes, strictly speaking, in order to be attributed to an individual (we could include social background and free will, pick what you like). My point here is simply the distinction between system and individual. And I'd like to stress that it is the system that provides the good/evil distinction in the first place: There may be certain dispositions to certain actions in one's genetic make-up, but whether they're evil or not is a question of the environment. In an evolutionary sense, most dispositions serve a purpose and are thus “good”.

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