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I bring your attention to this phenomenon.

Especially this part:

The Article
Bolivia - July 28, 1999
FOX TV special - “Signs From Gods -Science Tests Faith” - Katya Revas is a Bolivian woman who was videoed over a period of months as many miraculous things occurred in her everyday life - connected to Jesus - who she claims comes to talk to her on a regular basis. Within her home - one can witness statues and portraits crying blood or tears of oil. The blood tested as feminine. Katya takes no money - is not on an ‘ego trip’. She is a woman of humble means with a spiritual heart and soul. It took her many years of spiritual work to get to the level of credibility she has attained.

Scientific equipment was brought in to either verify or discredit her claims of ‘talk’ with Jesus. Katya allowed herself to be tested with all sorts of scientific equipment - all of which proved that she was having an unexplained experience. An EEG was strapped to her head to monitor her brain-wave patterns while she was talking to Jesus. The equipment showed her brain to be in a Delta state - sleep state - coma state - but she was awake and speaking to Jesus and those in the room with her.

Katya suddenly started a conversation with a man in another room - whom she was unaware was monitoring her - or that the other room even existed as it was sound-proofed. His name is Dr. Victor Pella. He was watching her through a two-way mirror and speculating that perhaps her brain was going through a seizure of some kind - like epilepsy. Suddenly Katya started talking to him saying that she was not sick and did not have epilepsy.

Everyone looked on in shock! Katya said she got the messages from Jesus who was by her side. She continued her conversation with the man - though she could not see or hear him! Katya said she was looking at Jesus. The cameras picked up a bright light reflecting off her eyes.

Katya's Message, “Bring peace and love to humanity or it will be destroyed”.

In particular, the final line:

Katya Revas
Bring peace and love to humanity or it will be destroyed.

Or maybe it's just the antibiotics.

Now, I treat religion from a dissertive, academic standpoint. I've long been a lover of mythology and folklore and fascinated by the influence superstition can hold over a town, a province, or even a country as a whole. Angels and demons for me are colourful characters I long to place in a less supersticious, clearer light; unjumbling the jigsaw puzzle that thousands of years of hearsay and instinctual terror of the unknown have formed, if you like.
And yet this message of doom shakes me to the core.
Problems that were once isolated to an area have rocketted to global scale. You don't need me to tell you everything that's going wrong nowadays. The world is spiralling into a pit that I doubt any militant group or careerist politician can pull it out of. The lady speaks the truth; if humanity doesn't discover the meaning of peace and love, and quickly, we WILL be destroyed.
Is it possible to save ourselves, or is our fate sealed?

Discuss. :)
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