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EmilyHelen at 8:25AM, Aug. 20, 2010
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So things are outlined in the previous update, but juuuust in case something's fuzzy, here's how it's all going down:

Until September I will be editing pages (mostly the really gross linework in the first half of the chapter ugh) for quality and some consistency errors.

Like, I totally forgot that during that scene where Simon is basically half-naked on his bed, that he's supposed to have scars.
Little wanker.

SO once September rolls around, I'd super duper suggest reading through the archives again, since they'll be completely different! You know? And hopefully better, too. Also during this time I will be re-drawing the volume 1 cover.

Just to warn you though, I did delete two pages because
a) I hated the art and no matter how much I edited it, it was still confusing and clunky
b) it had no importance to the story
c) it almost kind of introduced Mr. Ewing as the main character
d) we're not supposed to know Mr. Ewing's name yet dur, he's introduced later, redundancy
e) too much Mr. Ewing in the spotlight
f) this list is too long.

So right now there's the volume cover, the splash with a dead Simon (I redid it but it looks terrible so I'll be reverting it again) and then the first chapter cover.

Um wow this is confusing.
And I don't think a lot of people will be reading this.
Also, swearing is yucky.

I suppose I will say I will love anyone for who they are, not the mistakes they've made. Commence snuggling.
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