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Durrrrty South for a Week
EmilyHelen at 6:18AM, June 26, 2010
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time for a mass announcement!

For the next nine days or so I will be gone like hopefully not completely, but there most likely won't be arts. At all. Read: no PtE. 8(

I'm sorry

see the reason is that I'm going to ATLANTAAAA, the capitale of de durty south, for one of SCAD's summer seminars.

So cool! I will be going for two workshops: sequential art/cartooning and storytelling! I hope I'll learn something, and if not, at least I'll be networking with weird and talented people.

If anybody's down in Atlanta, I'll actually be at the campus for the whole time (I think). So if any SCADdies wants to pull a creeper move
then you could visit me.

I think.

I guess this also means no PtE for this week 8( I'm sorry! Good thing I drew lke five pages awuhfff

Wow I'm really hungry.
Also, swearing is yucky.

I suppose I will say I will love anyone for who they are, not the mistakes they've made. Commence snuggling.
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