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EmilyHelen at 12:02PM, Nov. 28, 2009
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I'd like to say I was busy this Thanksgiving break, and I can. Because it's true. I keep picking up shifts at work because I don't want any paycheck under $120, yeaaahhh minimum wage. Trying to work at least 13 hours a week.

That's mostly because I want my new computer by Christmas, so anything I get FOR that new computer, I can actually use. Let's not repeat the “Got-Photoshop-For-Christmas-But-Didn't-Have-A-Working-Computer” incident from 2007, shall we?

Anyway. This isn't a disclaimer saying that I won't have a page on Monday, because I actually have one. 8) And I'm working on the one for the week after that. Iiiif you're lucky and I finish three extra this week, you'll get a double-page bonus! Oh baby!

Also, BIG thanks to the wonderful Tessa Stone and her comic forum. Because I think I got a few new favourites out of artfagging over there. Thanks for not throwing stones!
Also, swearing is yucky.

I suppose I will say I will love anyone for who they are, not the mistakes they've made. Commence snuggling.
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