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Cthonic Cultist at 7:23AM, Sept. 17, 2010
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Minecraft. Probably the most addicting and fun game you will ever play that isn't an MMO. This game… It's hard to explain exactly why it is awesome, it just is.


It is a sandbox game, you'll find. In Alpha there is multiplayer, monsters, and a whole mess of interesting things. The game may seem simple or boring at first, but I implore you to try it! It is well worth the cost (9 dollars while in alpha, and you get the full game and updates as it comes out). So come on and support an independent developer! This game is being done entirely by one guy!

Some Minecraft inspired music


There are a number of interesting monsters in Minecraft, most interesting (and HATEFUL) is the Creeper, a green… thing that enjoys sneaking up on you and self destructing. The last sound you hear before the BOOM is a SSSSSSSS. Because Creepers are SSSSSSneaky.

Other than that, fairly generic monsters (though all have annoying traits and are quite fun to fight) such as giant jumping spiders, skeleton archers, zombies, slimes, skeletons mounted on spiders… and that's it for now. This is still Alpha, so he has a lot left to do. Come, join me, and together we can build a floating tower made entirely of wool!
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harkovast at 1:19PM, April 4, 2011
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Man this got posted ages ago and I never replied…probably because I have never played mine craft.
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