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Top Ten Weird Places I've Left My Stylus
Wordweaver_three at 1:36AM, July 1, 2010
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For some reason I don't leave my stylus anywhere near my tablet. Then I forget where I left it and have to find the stupid thing.

Ala David Letterman…The Top 10 Weirdest Places I've Left My Stylus.

10: My art supplies drawer. Sure, there are pens and pencils there, but it's really not the best place for the stylus. Plus side is that I will find it there eventually.

9: Under my pillow. Apparently I fell asleep with it in my hand.

8: Jacket pocket. Not sure why I put it there.

7: Kitchen counter. Sometimes it hitches a ride with me when I go fer a midnight snack.

6: Under my bed. Prolly the same reason for being under the pillow, but with much more tossing and turning.

5: In my hamper. Guess it was dirty.

4: Behind the television. Musta been screwing with the cable plug er something.

3: Bathroom counter. Yeah…I don't know why I would need it there either.

2: The passenger seat of my truck. Guess it needed some fresh air.

1: In the refrigerator. 4 AM snacks are similar to midnight snacks, only with a lot more absentmindedness.
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Darius Drake at 5:42PM, July 2, 2010
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Be glad that “In the dishwasher” isn't in that list…

…ah… not that I have a stylus or have destroyed any…
Heh heh heh. Boom.
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Fly Hue at 6:51PM, Sept. 6, 2010
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I left the stylus for my first tablet in my highschool library. I never lost it again, for alas, it was never found. ;(
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