The Ultimate Harko-Quiz!

Ultimate Harko-Quiz Part 2- Hark Harder!
harkovast at 3:02AM, Nov. 23, 2009
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It's back, baby!
The most difficuult Harkovast relatedquiz known to man is back for seconds!
This is the chance for all Harko-fans toprove their credentialls by testing their knowledge in the hopes of winning a (semi) fabulous prize!
There are fourteen questions (as all Harko-fans will already know, 14 is the magical number on Harkovast). Once you've answered the questions, send a list of your answers to me in private quack.
The winner will recieved a piece of fan art for their comic (if you dont have a comic, I'll draw you something else!) drawn by me and coloured by Mrs Vast! But more importantly, you'll recieve the accolade of ultimate Harko-fan 2009! (Michael Phelps cries himself to sleep that hes never won an ultimate Harko-fan accolade!)
The contest will run for two weeks, so it will close December 7th (plenty of time!)

So what are you waiting for?
Oh yeah! The questions!
Be warned, the questions are meant to be VERY hard! Dont worry if you cant get them all, I am not expecting anyone to get 100% right answers!
Clue- Not all of these can be answered just by reading the comic!

1) What is the name of the Fat Tsung-Dao that leads the ambush in chapter 5?

2) What is the name for the forward curving sword commonly used by Junlocks?

3) Who does The Speaker serve?

4) Name the gods of the Golta?

5) What animal do Zadakine resemble?

6) What is the worse episode of Batman the animated series I have reviewed so far?

7) Which of the following races are evil?

8)Who reviewed Harkovast for The Webcomic Review Comic (on the Web)?

9)Name as many derogatory racial terms from Harkovast as you can. 1 point per right answer.

10)How many nations currently make up Vellastrom?

11)Name as many races of Harkovast that are NOT (or are no longer) native to Vellastrom as you can. (1 point per right answer.)

12)How many nations make up the Nameless Race?

13)What is my favourite page of Harkovast so far?

14)Why do you like Harkovast?

Get your answers in and good luck!
May the best Harko-fan win!

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harkovast at 4:51PM, Nov. 24, 2009
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Special Bonus Prize Update
If the winner wants, I will happily post them a physical copy of their fan art prize, in addition to sending it to them online.

For more Harkovast related goings on, go to the Harkovast Forum
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