The Ultimate Harko-Quiz!

First Ultimate Harko-quiz.....The results!
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The scoring system for the quiz was pretty simple.
Every right answer scored one point, every question that was incredibly near to being right but ever so slightly wrong would score half a point and answers that were no where near would score nothing.

What follows is a list of the answers and where you should have looked to find them-

1) what is the name of the ginger priestess?
Her name is Parah, the other priestess called her this when they first meet the Old knight.

2) What is the name of the creatures the Nameless use as mounts?

3) Who built Shogun's metal hand?

4) Where does Quinn-Tain come from?
He comes from Eldex. He describes himself as being of the Wizards of Eldex. Since this is the only referance he has made to his origins, the correct assumption was that Eldex is where he comes from. If you put “wizards of eldex” then you get half a point, since you were close, but wizards of eldex is his nationality, not a place.

5) What arcade game inspired me to create Harkovast?
Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom arcade game. If you put Joust, that is the arcade game that inspired Suss birds. If you put Heroquest, that is the board game that got me into the fantasy genre. Harkovast itself began during a conversation after a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons: tower of doom!

6) Which two gods do the Ivos consider most important?
Bol: The Flightless One, and Tahpesh: The Sword Mistress

7) What is the capital of the Zadakine Alliance?
Utopia City

8) What is the most evil magic in Harkovast?
No magic is inherrantly evil, it just gets used for evil by mortals sometimes. Magic is just a part of the natural order and without all 14 elements, the universe would not function. This was a trick question, so if you put death or darkness then I'm afraid you fail to score.

9) What did Shogun say when he realised he had a light saber?
“Cool!” As he clearly stated in the fan art Warefish drew. I love my fan art so much, how could I not base a question on it?

10) What race is The Gunsmith?

11) What race is Chen-Chen?

12) Which two races are the weakest in terms of military power?
Bardabor and Xateem

13) Who are the ancestral enemies of the Junlocks?
The Ivos empire built a wall to keep Junlocks out, so powers of deduction should lead you to answer Ivos or the Ivos empire

14) What colour is Hevalla?
In the stain glass window of the church, we can see a picture of her (obviously it is a picture of her, since it is a church dedicated to her) where she is white. I would have accepted light grey as well, as it is not a perfectly pure white.

The results are-
Holy Sock- 9
Confused soul- 13
Senshuu- 9
Word Weaver three- 13 and a half.

Well Done WordWeaver three! YOU will recieve some drawn and coloured fan art for your comic!
And well done to everyone else who had a go, the high standard of the answers has really impressed me. I wasn't expecting anyone to get half of those evil questions right!

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