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Sound Card Workaround
DouglasKeech at 11:42AM, Feb. 14, 2009
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Okay guys, last night I went to watch a qik of Greg Dean and tried to use my sound card on this computer (lets say it's CompA) but it sounded like a dail-up phone line being raped my too much information and plenty if hash fails. Not pleseant, and I'd like to be able to report that it was near lethal, but I'd not want to lie.

Desperate for my webcomicky fix, I looked at the computer that CompA was literally sitting on. (Let's call this one CompB.) An idea started in my head, and it grew, and with it, so did my wicked smile.

Leaping in to action (well, actually falling to the floor so I could reach the back of the computers) I quickly hooked CompB up and had it running and functional in seconds, and on the network in little more than that. Resisting the urge to yell to the heavens “IT'S ALIIIIVE,” I logged in, put my headphones in the speaker jack, and switched the monitor back to CompA, since, despite the fact that it has a broken sound card and a slower CPU, it's faster.

I used the remote desktop tool bundled with WinXP Pro to access CompB. I loaded up the site on CompB then, ahhh, let the good times roll.

Note: This was AWESOMELY geeky. Feels good to have some geek blood back, I was afraid I'd lost it.
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