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Hakoshen at 2:12PM, Nov. 9, 2009
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Introducing: Mafia! The Anime Convention!

It's that time, ladies and gents, where all the people too old to be watching cartoons gather to talk, trade and buy stuff related to them (and God help you if you call them cartoons!) The Townston convention center has been tricked out will all kinds of Japanese themed memorabilia from robots to kids with oversized eyes and swords, but what's this? This festive occasion has been invaded by Sci-Fi nerds who claim western popular media is worth their obsession more so than eastern imports! The cosplayers have taken up their plastic arms and replicas to meet this new foe, and the Sci-Fi nerds have their flashlight laser guns and spandex suits ready! And caught up in the struggle are the rest of the people who are just here to have a good time.

Every player has multiple abilities, but only one active ability can be used once per night!

The teams!
The Cosplayers (Victory comes with the death of all Sci-Fi nerds)
The Sci-Fi Nerds (Victory comes with the death of all Cosplayers)
The Attendees (Victory comes according to who they align themselves with. When one side is wiped out, they can either fight on in the name of said team or call it)

The Cosplayers

The Samurai Hero: One oversized wig? Check. One oversized sword? Check. One complete disregard for shame? Check. The Samurai Hero is a person in a suit of armor with an oversized sword who thinks he's in charge of the cosplayers.
Heroic Yell: If slain, the Samurai Hero unleashes his battle cry, coming back for a second life (two lives)
Hunt for Evil: The Samurai Hero can PQ the GM to reveal the alignment of a single tareget per night.
The Sword is Real: The Samurai Hero can take off the safety lining on his sword and actually kill someone with it.

The Hyperactive Kid: A young boy or girl who believes in love and the power of friendship. Also has a flourescent colored wig.
Eye for Adventure: Always on the go, hits on this person work 50% of the time because they may or not be where they were supposed to be.
Impressionable Youth: Can copy any previously used ability.

The Gorgeous Villain: Every show has one of these, the guy who's so evil you wanna kill him, but is just too damned handsome to die. While he's technically a villain, it's all part of the costume so he's on the side of the cosplayers.
Dirty Deeds: He'll do what the Hero doesn't have the spine to do; which is make bodies en masse. He can kill twice per night, but both clues will be tied together by a common weapon, The Infernal Blade of Eternal Evil.
Master Plan: Places his plan on Person A, and B. If A is attacked, B dies instead. This can only be used once, and can be used immediately at the start of the game. If he uses this during the day though, he cannot act the following night.

Scantily Clad Heroine: Do we need a description? Yes? Well this buxom young woman… or sick young man is in an entirely inappropriate costume and has all eyes, willing or otherwise, on them.
Photo Op: Surrounded by obsessive fanboys who have left their shame at home or just want a good laugh, anyone who approaches this cosplayer will ahve their identity revealed whether their action succeeds or not.
Wardrobe Malfunction: What happens when a skimpy outfit is made out of second hand clothes? Bad things. Something, what will not be discussed, slipped out in casual conversation and the viewer cannot act or vote for an entire day.

The Otaku: Master of all things Asian, he knows anything and everything about every show to ever come out, and he has the collection of eerily anatomically correct dolls to prove it.
That's Not How it Happened! A powerful ability, he can undo any action, provided he can guess (in his first PQ to the GM) what the role of the person who did it was.
Obsessive Knowledge: Not only has he watched every single episode of Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball, he will give you a detailed comparison of their plots, powers and art styles until you are bored to death.

The Sci-Fi Nerds

The Space Captain: The man this fellow is imitating has gone to distant planets and kicked alien ass. Just dressing up like that hero makes this nerd feel brave, bold and so damn cool.
Commanding Presence: He can force the abilities of one of his team, and designate their target.
T.V. Kung fu: If attacked, he will flail his arms and fight back like a weasel with a two fisted karate chop! This effectively grants him two lives.
Alien Nerve Pinch: Using a special move he saw the captain's lieutennant do, he actually discovered a way to kill people with a nerve pinch. Can do so once a night.

The Cyborg: A victim of a mad scientist or a malevolent species bent on conquest and destruction, his tinfoil outfit is eerily well crafted. And how is he making his left eye glow??
Assimilate: He can pick a person, pick a target, and make whatever ability they have happen, if the person has a killing power it will be used. If not, one random ability will be selected.
Killer Drone: He can attack someone who will live, but they wont die until the coming day cycle after the vote.

The Bounty Hunter: A badass loner in a gun duster with a wide brimmed hat, he strides around with a reputation that preceeds him as one nerd you do NOT want to mess with.
High Profile Killer: He is so well known that his clue will be ridiculously easy. And I DO mean ridiculous.
See you in hell: You wont attack this nerd and get away with it! Anyone who attacks him will find themself killed with his dying breath.

Space Monk: Even in the depths of space there are those who insist on wearing burlap and using fancy melee weapons, spouting off their wisdom and heavy handed morality.
Fated by the Stars: He can PQ the GM and ask for the alignment of any single target.
Mediation: He can invite himself into someone's quarters and talk to them about life, fish, and the joys of peaceful resolution. They will be bored into a coma and unable to act for the night and coming day cycle (this includes voting!)

The Fanboy: He's here for one show, and he doesn't give a rats ass about anything else because everything else sucks. Don't argue with him, as far as he's concerned you've already lost.
Your Show Sucks: He will argue with a person about the merits of his show versus theirs until they lose faith in it and thus the ability to act that night. Should he do it to a cosplayer, they will have a 25% chance to kill him with no clues attatched.
THAT WAS ISSUE NUMBER ONE!!: If attacked, the ensuing battle will cause a corner of his beloved issue Number One of Two Weeks Notice to become dog eared, and the wrath of God will ensue. He will go on a mindless killing spree taking out two random people. If he is attacked by the Otaku, he will kill four.

The Attendees: The folks who just came here to buy a hard to find DVD or maybe some Pocky and take pictures of those geeks in the costumes, they just want the fighting to be over so they can enjoy the rest of the convention.

The Organizer: An elected official, this person has all the success or failure of the convention riding on them. The mayor, basically.
Cut that out!: Has the ability to once, and only once, prohibit ALL night actions.
Get out of here!: Has an inreased voting power of two, thanks to their position of power.

The Medic: Someone has to keep all these psychos alive, and it's gonna be you. Kind of a forlorne hope, but it's worth a shot!
Room check: Has the ability to protect one person from an attack per night, or revive them if they were attacked.
I'm a doctor AND a miracle worker!: With actual medical training (ie CPR and a cold compress) he has the ability to bring back anyone who's presently dead.

The Photographer: He's here for a magazine, or website, or maybe he's just a creepy guy wanting to take pictures of girls in crazy outfits.
It's Journalism, Not Stalking!: He can PQ the GM to reveal the identity of a single person.
Eye for Detail: Can instead ask who committed any certain act, but will NOT get their role.

The Registrator: The unlucky soul charged with controlling admissions, finances, and whether or not booths or costumes are appropriate or not.
Private Screening: Can take any vote, and four randomly selected votes will be the only ones that count.
Lost entry: Can effectively kill any person by telling them they have to leave and leave all their crap behind.

The Unassuming Attendee: He's just here because he likes anime. He didn't plan on getting caught up in any of this tomfoolery.
Whoa! I'm Innocent!: Can plead his case so well that he has a 50% chance to survive a hit, and if he does the person who attacked him will know he attacked the Unassuming Attendee.
You People are Crazy…: He is so grounded in reality that he is immune to all special abilities except kills.

Inappropriately Loud Attendee: He's six foot five, two hundred pounds and he has a voice like an angry gorilla. If he tried to whisper the universe might implode.
YAH DOOD: His annoying voice will allow him to annoy anyone out at night into going back to their room, effectively cancelling their action.
HEY! CHECK THIS OUT OVER HERE!!: Can reveal the identity of any given person to the rest of the players, but in doing so he will die.

Bad at Karaoke: Someone loves their Japanese music a bit too much and someone told them they could sing. The result? Someone who puts their soul into every lyric of their song and does it terribly.
Engrish: Determined to match their favorite song to a “t”, and this includes bad English. He can annoy someone so much that they will leave the convention for good (ie kill them).
Loud and Off Key: Two random people will be prevented from acting that night due to having gone partially deaf.

The Rich Jerk: He has a reserved seat at the front row of any event, and is first in line for whatever he wants, and buys five of the limited edition collector's edition goods because he can.
Special Suite: He can choose to be immune to any actions for the night, and can even bring one person along with him.
Class A Tickets: Money talks. He can choose any single person and have their action performed first that night, whatever it may be.

The All Encompassing Geek: He's neither anime nor sci-fi, he watches everything, and he knows everything. While he has a hint of a social life, he would rather be watching t.v. on his three big screens.
I'm So Smart: He will lie in wait and thus evade any attempt made on his person, but only once. When he does, he will gain the abilities of whoever acted against him.
That Wont Work and Here's Why: He knows so much about stuff he can strip anyone of one of their powers. Which one will be random.

The Guy Who Doesn't Just Act Smart, he IS Smart: The name says it all; he's not some poser who's just watched a bunch of crap, he has an IQ of 150 and isn't afraid to use it.
Genius: He can figure out the roles of every person who acted, but he will not know who said persons are.
Xanatos Gambit: He can choose two people and manipulate them into acting against each other regardless of what they intended.

The Guy Who Forgot to Bathe: He was so excited to be at the convention he stayed up all night and forgot to shower. The worst part is he hasn't noticed yet and no one has told him.
Good GOD you Stink!: He smells so bad anyone attacking him will have to first kill his smell. He has two lives.
What… What IS that?!: This guy has something on the back of his neck so vile and disgusting anyone who looks at it will be so driven with sickness they will accidentally kill someone else while trying to get to a bathroom to throw up.
God needed the Devil, the Beatles needed the Rolling Stones, Hakoshen needs me.
I'm the enemy he requires to define him.
Soon or later, he'll bring me back to life again for another epic encounter of shouting about power levels and grimacing.
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God needed the Devil, the Beatles needed the Rolling Stones, Hakoshen needs me.
I'm the enemy he requires to define him.
Soon or later, he'll bring me back to life again for another epic encounter of shouting about power levels and grimacing.
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