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Operation India
Hakoshen at 1:28PM, May 7, 2009
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Operation so named for India Ink, or rather ink in general which is what this whole thread/post/rant is about.

Well if you're reading this then you probably care more about the comic than most people which is good, because I'm doing this mostly for those of you who are loyal enough to keep coming back.

As you can see through the varied pages that my style has changed about seven times, where I would go from photoshop to flash to what the fuck ever. Well, I've finally settled into a style that works best I think, because my hand drawn comics were always higher quality than ones inked in flash or photoshop even, so as you can see the most recent pages have been hand drawn and hand inked.

I've also been putting a lot more work into doing backgrounds and paying more attention to things I normally would overlook. Considering this whole deal started off as a half-assed thing, I've found myself putting more and more effort into it to make it something enjoyable and something I'd be proud of, and right now I'm not proud of very much.

So I'm going to be redoing some of the earlier pages. I'm going to be on-call for the job next week, so it probably wont get done anytime soon, but I'm going to go back and redo some shit and introduce the plot a bit sooner, as well as clear up some things that not only dont make sense but dont make sense in a bad way.

So look forward to it! When I upload a new page I'm probably going to delete the old one, so that it posts on the front page, as well as probably make another comic specifically for the old shit.

In the meantime, keep leaving those comments and such! It is incredibly motivating!
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