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Trsanti Operations
Darius Drake at 2:24AM, April 4, 2009
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This forum is to discuss how the Trsanti should operate, from what they should have on them at all times to battle tactics. As long as it has to do with the Trsanti and isn't about future scenarios, I think that it can be put up here.
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Legolos229 at 6:19PM, April 7, 2009
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Trisantis eh? Alright they should have:
1. Shadow Suit (what good are normal clothes for something like that anywas?
2. Knives (Of course)
3. gun (Just in case the shadow suits fail)
4. Magic Jammer (Just in case something like what Mori did to them happens again)
5. transformation potion (well, you saw what happened to the others)

eeeyep, that ought to do it.
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aqua 77 at 8:50PM, April 13, 2009
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Shadow suits are a must.
Knives are obvious.
With guns as backup they should have silenceing spells, and use ice bullets, or some other type of bullet that disapears.
carrying poisen when attacking dangerous enemies is also something that they should do, that way even if they arn't able to get in a kill stroke a single stroke can insure success.

Obvious question, why dont the Trsanti have mages for assasins? to me a mage sounds more verstile at killing than any other type of person.
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theBSDude at 2:02PM, April 14, 2009
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Mages probably have some monitoring system, or at least like, register at the post office. It's probably pretty difficult to become a mage without going through the propper channels (or should be), and probably carries some stiff penalties.
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Darius Drake at 2:09AM, April 17, 2009
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Mages need additional training and, if they betray you, can cause a lot more damage. Thus they would be avoided by the Trsanti, who want people who are both easily replaced and killed if they betray them.

I think that the advised equipment should be:
* Stealth Suits
* Knives
* Teleportion Potion (to a point that is monitored and unimportant to the Trsanti)

I could think of some additional things, like magical exploding rocks and other magical weapons, but for me to add them I would like to know whether magical traces can be traced back to the caster. If they can't, then add them. If they can, then don't.

Also, non-magical, gun powder propelled, ice bullets evaporate before reaching their target. And may not be heavy enough, or strong enough, to pierce the human skin (bullets made out of an American penny are not strong enough to peirce it). I discovered that watching Mythbusters.
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