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M_Northstar at 7:10AM, March 31, 2009
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Ch 6 Pg 2 has been one of the most snarkily funny ones to date, but can we identify the shows/memes parodied?

First one seems to be Star Trek, though it seems far too… energetic. ST has had its share of shapeshifting aliens, but I can't remember *any* memeber of the Enterprise ever showing that much emotion before the prospect of gruesom death.

Second show, I'm going with Gray's Anatomy, though that unabashed laughter reminds me more of Scrubs. That's the problem, really: it's too much like Scrubs to be a good parody.

Third show… I've got nothing.

Fourth show, of course, is the most brilliant parody yet, neatly summing up my feelings about Yu-Gi-Oh, the animated series. “You fell right into my trap” indeed. “The one true rubber band master”. Who comes up with these shows anyway, and why aren't they causing the viewers to revolt and overthrow the tyranny of the networks?

Fifth Show. Golem Wars instead of Robot Wars, now *there's* a show I'd like to watch.
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theBSDude at 10:11AM, March 31, 2009
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The first one feels sorta like Stargate to me…

The second is “Every Medical Drama Ever”. House popped to mind first, but that's almost a deconstruction. ER's the other good candidate along with, as you say Gray's Anatomy.

The third one I think is a throw-away joke, probably an alien soap opera.

The fourth one I thought, was some kinda superhero show, but now that you mention YuGiOh, I'm almost sure you're right.

The fifth. Yeah.
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Legolos229 at 4:24PM, March 31, 2009
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First one goes to the trekies. It parodies every parodie of Scotty announcing an emergency… second… I haven't ever seen a medical soap opera but it has such blatent disregard for their feelings that I've gotta say: SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!! (It just makes too much sense doesn't it) 3rd… alien Hercules type thing?… doubtful… Methinks Thebes has it. 4th… Yu-gi-oh. or some old Kung Fu movie… And final… Yeah. Methinks Northstar hit the nail on the head.

Oh I'm sorry…. You DIDN'T want me to hold back?

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Speedball at 3:49PM, April 4, 2009
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Secret confession: I've never actually seen a full episode of Scrubs. I really ought to.
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Darius Drake at 6:50PM, April 4, 2009
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1: Star Trek. It even has a person in a red-shirt and a symbol where the Trek symbol normally is.
2: A little bit of Scrubs, a little bit of any other Hospital Drama revolving around the patients.
3: Soaps. Any Soap in existence has something like this in there somewhere. The only difference is that this is obvious (or seems like it would be. I have no idea if it is possible for metallic-beings to become flesh beings part way though their lives in the Dragon Doctors universe, though I suspect that it is impossible without transformation magic. That being said, there is nothing to say that transformation magic was not used on the metal thing with an eye-stalk to turn it into what it is).
4: Any kid's show that runs far too long with kids being the hero's for the entire story, or that is advertising for games by having the game in them. Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and others that came from America instead of being based off of Japanese work but are too old for me to remember.
5: Robot Wars, well, a simplistic view of Robot Wars, anyway.

Yes, I know that I really just followed what everyone else is saying, but it seems correct. There aren't many additional options.
Heh heh heh. Boom.
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