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Bombshell - The Animation
(originally posted on Apr 9th 2009)

Click on the image above to see the animation!

Gail Simone, everyone
(originally posted on Mar 23rd 2009)

OK, so originally I didn't plan on posting anything until yesterday, 11:30pm. I'm still working on the next page, and I'd rather not post any more fillers until it's completed.

But then - Gail Simone, writer of several DC Universe flagship titles (among them the current run of Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey), made this statement in the forums.

There's actually a rather funny story behind this (at least until now it wasn't too tragic), and once the legal issues are dealt with I might actually tell it and reveal the blacked-out areas ;-)

Oh, and here's the indyplanet-link in a more convenient form.

EDIT: I haven't heard from the guy who claimed he owned the copyrights to the name/title “Bombshell” since his initial e-mail, so here's the full story: This guy calling himself “J-Bolt” asked me to change the title of the Bombshell issues. I researched a bit and soon found out that his claim was rather dubitable. In the end I found this thread called “J-Bolt” in the forums by Gail Simone. I mailed her, and she wrote me back that this guy had already threatened to sue her quite a few times. Here's the link to the thread if you wanna know more about the guy's scams. Turns out he was also the one responsible for the “Bombshell” listing on It was recently deleted because, well, he never got the movie made (it had been listed as being “in production” for a while).

Well, I'd certainly never imagined I'd have a conversation with Gail Simone, and to think it came out of such a bizarre thing…

Bombshell - The Movie
(originally posted on Nov 22nd 2008)

Neilsama's link.

Bombshell O.S.T.
(originally posted on Feb 5th 2009)

First single from the soundtrack to the upcoming Bombshell movie is out now!

(…not that I'm a big fan of Beyonce or anything, I'm just glad the studio got someone with a big name. Plus, the fact that they put the cyborg hand on her LEFT arm shows they actually did some research - much more than someone without a major publishing contract have hoped for.)

Also, check out Tempest_Lavalle's tribute.
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