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What the heck is a Sleepbringer?
Ben Ferrari at 7:03AM, April 20, 2009
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Back in 2002 or so i decided to draw a Legends of the Fall comic book. Well, as you can see, 7 years later it is nothing like “Legends” exept in the idea that the main character is a wanderer. The point of the Legends stories, as i saw them, was to explore Pitt character's lonely years of wandering the globe in search of meaning, a place to belong, all that. Tom Straw, or Sleepbringer as he becomes in this first volume of Sleepbringer stories, still rooted in north america, but there are hints of his time spent outside the continent.

I've tried to do something a bit original with this book. The idea of a comic about a mountain man is fairly original. At least, maybe most people are smart enough not to attempt one, and I am not. That is possible.

During the course of the main story, Tom Straw is given the name “sleepbringer” during battle with some cherokee braves. I won't ruin exactly what the name means, read the story, in fact buy the book at and read it in the privacy of your own home!!
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