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tiffawolf at 12:28AM, June 13, 2010
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tell me a bit about ur pet, if u dont have one than tell me what type of pet u would want.
my pets are Rino, my Leo gecko and my green tree frogs Bibbo and Toby. they require alot of attention but have the greatest personalities. Rino is the emo ready to snap and go crazy at times, its quiet funny when he starts squealing. Bibbo and Toby are new members of my family but the two are quiet the little characters since iv had them. Toby is the rambunctious one while Bibbo is the calm lazy one who loves to cuddle on ur shoulder, today i had to poke toby down with a broom stick since he climbed to the top of my ceiling and couldnt come down.
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DarkKyo at 11:04AM, June 13, 2010
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I have three animals at the moment. Two dogs Fiesta,and red heeler mix,Shaggy, and golden retriver mix.And there is my cat Aisa,siamese mix. Fiesta is very sweet,destories everything, and protective and loving, She is almost seven.Shaggy is also very loving and wimpy, he's like a giant cute fury baby, he's about 5or6. And then ther is my cat Aisa he is the sweetest and most evil cat ever. I love hime he nine.Sorry it so long I realy like talking about my animal.
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On the crazzy side at 2:36PM, June 13, 2010
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i have 3 cats, Bob, Attackis, and Soba. 1 dog named Quin and Poney Named Noni. Bob is a fat and sassy Japanse bobtail that is currently going on 7 she i tarrafied of all new people and hates men, she will pick a fight with my dog once a month wich is mostly her lanch all 15 pounds of her self down the steps at him then running away. Attackis and soba twin black cats with the only diff being attickis has yellow eyes and Soba's eyes being orange.are really cuddly and will tont my dog cuse he is not allowed to chase them. Quin is a 3 year old german sheped with way to much energy. Noni is a 4 year old percheron mare that has a real need for speed. oh an 8 chickens. King arther being the only one with a personality he is a 5 year old banty rouster that dosen't seem to relise that he is smaller the his hen or any on that comes nere him for that matter.
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